YHS Crew Boosters

The boosters are an integral part of the Yorktown crew team. Unlike virtually every other high school sport, active parental involvement is vital to the success of the team. The boosters do literally hundreds of tasks, both large and small and often behind the scenes, that enable the coaches and athletes to focus on training and competing.

When your child signs up for the team, you automatically become a member of the boosters, and agree to the responsibilities that come along with that membership, including financial and volunteer requirements. This information is communicated via Team Snap, the team’s internal communications platform.

The boosters are run by a volunteer board of directors elected in the spring. The board meets monthly and all boosters are encouraged to attend—you will learn a lot about how the team operates if you do. Minutes from prior meetings can be found on Team Snap.

2018-2019 YHS Boosters Board

Board of Directors:

President Sara Donahue
Vice President Nicole Gustafson
Treasurer Jenn Vogel
Registrar Noreen Hecmanczuk
Secretary Larry Robertson

At Large Board Members:

VASRA Representative Lisa Rose
Transportation Coordinator Renee Clough
Communications and Publications Filza Hall
Volunteer Coordinator Michelle Best
VASRA Volunteer Coordinator Carol Bussey
Regatta Coordinator Sherry Quinn
Spring Break Coordinator Inge Emery
Novice Liaison Suzanna Oltorik
Assistant Registrar Kate Lea
Assistant Treasurer Susan Beesley
Fundraising Kathryn Chadwick
Fleet and Equipment Coordinator Tom Hogue
Website Coordinator