General Crew FAQs

When does the Yorktown crew season start?

The spring season starts in early spring and, for kids involved in state tournament competition, continues through mid-June. Spring practices are on the Potomac River at Thompson’s Boat Center. Bus transportation to and from the water is provided. There are opportunities to row all year round with TBC Racing, but these programs are not associated with Yorktown High School.

What is winter conditioning?

Winter training (winter conditioning) starts in late fall, usually around Thanksgiving, during the cold months when the water conditions on the Potomac are not suitable for rowing. Athletes row on ergometers (indoor rowing machines), condition, and strength train to prepare for the regular spring season. Winter practices are two hours and take place at YHS.

There is a fee to participate in winter conditioning practices. Winter conditioning is not required, but highly recommended.

Are students from other schools eligible to row at Yorktown?

Yorktown students, Arlington Tech students, and eighth graders that will be attending high school at Yorktown are allowed to participate in winter conditioning and try out for the crew team. Eighth graders are responsible for their own transportation to Yorktown.