2017-2018 Registration


There are four steps that must be completed for registration. All must be completed before an athlete may participate in Yorktown Crew.

  1. VHSL Physical Exam Form: Every participant must have an updated (completed after May 1, 2017) physical on file with the Yorktown Student Activities Office. The VHSL Physical Examination Form can be found here. The form must be completed and turned into the activities office.
  2. Emergency Information and Treatment Release Form: Every participant’s parent or guardian must complete the Emergency Information and Treatment Release and have it delivered to Pam Shenefiel, the assistant registrar. Her address is 5029 N. 25th Road, Arlington, VA 22207. Please note that you must attach a copy of the front and back of your health insurance card to the Emergency Information and Treatment Release form.
  3. Payment of Dues: Dues for the year are $1,000 per participant. Dues are paid electronically through the registration process. A portion of the dues may be set off through participation in the wreath fundraiser.
    • Wreath Fundraiser: If a participant is registered in the winter, participates in the wreath fundraiser, and sells 20 or more wreaths, that participant’s dues will be offset by $260 ($13 per wreath). Detailed instructions on the wreath sale can be found on the 2017-2018 Fundraising page.  When registering for winter training, if you choose to buy out of the wreath fundraiser and pay the full $1000, you will so indicate, and your balance will be adjusted for the payment due at the start of the spring season.
    • If a participant registers for winter training, $400 of the $1000 is due at the time of winter registration. The balance owing is then paid at the start of the spring season.
    • If the participant did not register for winter training, but registers for the spring, the entire $1,000 is paid prior to the start of the spring season.
    • Any participant’s family that did not fulfill its volunteer points requirement from the prior season must pay the required $20 per point owed, in addition to the dues owing, at the time of registration.
  4. Online Registration and payment: Every rower’s family must complete the online registration and register each of their rowers.
    • To start the online registration, click the applicable link below to add that service to your “cart,” and then click “check out” to proceed to the registration.
    • Sign in using your Regatta Central I.D. and password, or create a new one.
    • You will use your Regatta Central I.D. later in the year for different events, and in future years, so please note your I.D. and password. Do not create multiple Regatta Central I.D.s
    • Dues will be collected in two phases: $400 at winter registration, and the balance in the spring. Fees may be paid via credit card on-line.

Looking forward to a great crew year!

To start the registration process on Regatta Central–click on Boys and/or Girls Crew below. Then select the appropriate number and place in shopping cart.

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