Georgetown/Potomac River

Directions are not needed for our Potomac River regattas, which stretch along the new riverfront park, past Washington Harbor and end at/near TBC. Depending on the exact rules of the park service permits for each regatta, we generally have a team tent where you can locate friends and family, and find people to cheer with.

The parking lot at TBC is closed during regatta days so you must park in/around the Georgetown waterfront. Generally parking is easy to come by, especially if you get to the regatta early, but there are a couple of caveats:

  • First, if you are in a meter, pay it. Saturday is a great day for the meter maids, don’t think for a minute that they take the weekends off. Also, if it says two hours only, plan on moving within that time frame.
  • Second if you see discounted garage parking, read the signs carefully. For years, one garage on K Street has offered sharply discounted parking in big block letters, but only once you pull in can you see that the discount only applies if you get your ticket validated from the theaters in the buildings. So be careful.

Area surrounding Georgetown Waterfront Park