Venues & Directions

Need to know where to go and how to get there, this is the place. Directions and other suggestions for the team’s current season regatta locations (as well as some others) are located here. There are directions and a map for each regatta, but treat these as suggestions, not the definitive word. You are welcome to find your own route—so long as you are on time to cheer.

Also, with the major out-of-town regattas, particularly Stotesbury in Philadelphia and SRAAs, you likely will have to do some route searching of your own depending on where you are staying and when you are arriving.

No matter which regatta you are headed for, it is a good idea to throw your crew directory in the car before heading out, that way you will always be able to reach someone should MapQuest or Google Maps lead you astray.

See you at the regatta….