In 2010, the board of directors, at the urging of the coaching staff, opted to pay for private bus transportation to Thompson Boat Center for practice. This decision was not made lightly as it costs the team (that is, you) upward of $20,000 a season to make this arrangement work, even though we split the costs with McLean High School. However, the alternatives simply did not work.

The problem is Arlington County does not have enough school buses to allocate two for the crew team from 3:15-4:00 pm or so, as that is the same window when the county must ensure transportation home for kids from elementary school, who are dismissed shortly after 3:30 pm. The team has tried carpools, begging for one county bus (while having some kids run to practice) and other options. [In case you were wondering, Arlington County policy prohibits students from driving their own cars.] But the upshot was that practice invariably started late, shortchanging the athletes and undercutting the team’s competitiveness.

Hence, the decision to hire the private buses, which leave from Yorktown about 3:15 pm everyday there is on-water practice, stop at H-B Woodlawn on their way, and get the kids to the river well before 4 pm.

Transportation home is provided by Arlington County school buses, again with a stop at H-B Woodlawn along the way.

Travel to our regattas depends on the location. The Potomac River regattas may require parental carpools. Trips to the Occoquan will be on Arlington County school buses, while crews participating at Stotesbury and Nationals will travel via charter bus.