Off Season Opportunities

Rowers wanting to continue their training outside the Yorktown season have plenty of opportunities. Both summer and fall rowing opportunities are available through TBC ( and the Old Dominion Boat Club, which rows out of the Dee Campbell Rowing Center in Alexandria (additional information is at (

In the summer, these clubs commonly practice twice a day, training principally for the USRowing Club National Championship Regatta, which is generally held in mid-July, and the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta, which is usually in early August. They offer a variety of programs for varying skill levels. Interested rowers should talk with their coaches about the program that best suits their needs.

More advanced rowers have additional options, including sculling programs offered through the Potomac Boat Club ( and a variety of junior national team opportunities that require pre-qualification. Again, rowers interested in pursuing these options should definitely consult with their coaches.

Beyond the specific benefits of staying in shape and improving your rowing skills, Yorktown alumni who have participated in these programs all stress the fun they have had meeting and getting to know rowers from other schools. In many cases, these new friendships have lasted well into the college years.

In addition to season-long rowing opportunities there are a number of summer rowing camps that may be of interest to Yorktown team members. A relatively comprehensive list of camp websites can be found on the resources tab. As always, it is a good idea to talk with your coach about any camps you are considering.