New to Crew?

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The great thing about being new to crew is that everyone on the team was in the same state of confusion at some point—crew is just not a sport we grow up with. So while you have a lot of new lingo to learn, rest assured that it is not hard to pick up. Soon you will be talking on and on about how the engine room on your kid’s boat powered them to victory and what a shame it was that the other team’s seven seat caught a crab—just wait, you’ll understand.

The best way to learn about the sport is to get involved, come to the regattas, and ask questions—there are no dumb questions. Taking the time to read some of the sections on our web site is another great way to get started. If you want to bone up on the new vocabulary, click here, and you will be taken to a document prepared by USRowing, the governing body for crew in the United States. The organization has a number of other great introductory articles on its web site as well; check them out at

For a more down-home introduction to crew, check out this PowerPoint presentation from a long-time member of the Yorktown crew family.

Finally, check out this description  of the various seats in an eight—it will help you understand why people are where they are, trust me.

And remember, if you have a question, just ask.

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