The Costs of Crew

Dollars and Cents

There's no way to paddle around it--crew costs a lot of money.  Without significant contributions from parents, of both time and money, the sport would not be available at Yorktown.

The team receives substantial support from the school system, but the major capital costs associated with crew--purchase of shells, oars, and launches, and the boathouse rental--are the responsibility of the Yorktown Crew Boosters, and that means you, the parents.

YHS Crew Boosters raise funds to underwrite the team’s expenses through registration and other fees and through fundraising.  In particular, through the  wreath sale and the ergathon. The various fund-raising efforts are explained below.  Please read through them carefully so you understand the financial commitment involved for your child to participate.

Registration Fee:  $660

This fee is per rower.  Those participating in winter condition pay $200 in the fall.  The balance of $460 is collected in late January/early February after the coaches have made final selections for the spring season.  All rowers must pay the full $660 even if they are not part of winter conditioning.  A portion of the registration fees are earmarked for our capital account to purchase new shells.  Successful participation in the wreath fundraiser or paying the wreath buy-out fee, currently $225, is also required.

Uniforms:  about $125

Each rower and coxswain must have a uniform. Orders are placed in January.

Camp Bob Spring Break Training Trip:  TBD (cost in 2015 was $540)

Covers costs of the six-day spring break training trip at Camp Bob in South Carolina.  Fees cover transportation, meals at the training facility, and lodging. It excludes incidentals and meals while in transit.

Away Regatta Trips:  approximately $150-$300 per overnight trip

Each year, the team participates in several away regattas, which can include the Stotesbury Cup Regatta in Philadelphia and the SRAA Nationals (which is held in different locations). Only selected rowers/coxswains attend these regattas and the costs are estimated since they will vary depending on the length of the trip, the number of people attending and the destination. Fee includes transportation, lodging and some meals.

Fundraising:  approximately $600

The team has two major fundraisers during the year, a fall wreath sale and the winter ergathon. All rowers and their families are required to participate in the wreath sale fundraiser or pay the buy-out fee, currently $225.  Families may opt out of the ergathon fundraiser by paying a higher registration fee. The $600 figure cited above is not due from individual families, but is the average amount raised per family through these two fundraisers.

Time, Time, Time

Beyond the financial commitment, rowers and their families are expected to volunteer their time to help raise funds and run the team’s events. Indeed, this volunteer support is vital to sustaining the Yorktown crew program. Unlike a basketball game, which is played indoors, takes an hour or so to complete, and only requires a couple of referees and a clock operator, running a crew regatta—which takes place away from campus, can stretch for hours, and requires  a host of volunteers—involves significant logistical support from parents.

To ensure that support is forthcoming, the booster board has established a point system. Under this system, returning families are required to earn a minimum of 50 points during the year (75 points if they have two or more rowers), while parents new to the team must earn 35 points. Points are available for any number of  jobs—providing food and other support at regattas, helping with fundraising and just generally volunteering—during the year and a moderately involved family will have no trouble meeting their required total.  A full list of the standing jobs and their associated point value can be found under Jobs & Points.

As an additional incentive to get rowers and their parents to volunteer, families that do not earn their required points are billed $20 per unearned point at the end of the year, and their rower(s) are not allowed to register for the team the following year until they have paid up.

The Fine Print

The board may approve a waiver for an individual rower if there are compelling needs/unusual circumstances. Likewise, the board may award bonus points to a family for exceptional performance, for example, for funds raised in excess of expectations/goals or extraordinary, sustained effort and commitment to a project or activity. Points may not be shared between or donated to other families.