Yorktown Crew Fundraising

The YHS crew team depends on the fundraisers described below to help cover the cost of equipment, such as oars and shells; boat storage fees; insurance; and other essential items. Below are some of our major fundraising efforts for 2016-2017.  


Wreath Sales







The wreath sale is the largest fundraiser in support of Yorktown Crew.  For each $25 wreath sold, $12.50 goes to the boosters. Athletes are responsible for selling 20 wreaths or paying the wreath buy-out fee of $250.  Sales short of 20 must be covered at the rate of $12.50 per wreath.  Athletes who join crew after the wreath sale are responsible for the $250 buy-out fee.


Payment:  A check to cover any shortfall or buy-out must be received by YHS Crew Boosters’ Treasurer, David Schmidt.

Please follow the instructions below for completing and submitting the check:

Payable to:  Yorktown Crew Boosters
Note:  Wreath Buy-out
Send to:
David Schmidt
3351 N. Dickerson Street
Arlington, VA 22207

Eligibility for winter conditioning and full season:  Each athlete must meet the wreath sale or buyout requirements to participate in the Yorktown’s rowing program.

Points:  Selling the required 20 wreaths earns five point with an additional point for every wreath sold above the minimum.  Volunteer points are also earned by helping to coordinate the fundraiser. 

Questions: Contact Kari Wiese, Wreath Sales Lead.






  • Yorktown rowers sign-up to row on ergs in 30-minute shifts during the event, which is held indoors during March.
  • Rowers are required to send team-provided cards soliciting donations to a minimum of 15 people.
  • Rowers and their families earn five points for full participation in the ergathon.
  • Points also can be earned by volunteering to chaperone for part of the day-long event and/or helping to solicit corporate sponsors.
  • For event information, contact Kathryn Fitrell.


Yorktown Relays





  • Joined by local high schools, this fun event is an indoor rowing competition.
  • Contact Margaret Ehlers for event information.


  • Please list eScrip #154545859, Yorktown Crew, as your beneficiary.  
  • You can sign up or renew (required each year) online at www.escrip.com.