The Uni

As with every other sport, crew athletes must wear matching uniforms, or unis. Unlike other sports, however, parents must buy the unis for their athletes since they are essentially custom-fitted and cannot be reused by the school. Thus, if the school was paying for them it would have to shell out on the order of $10,000 annually just for uniforms, which is not a reasonable expectation in today’s constrained budgetary environment. The team tries to keep the same uni for a minimum of two years, which helps to keep costs down. Even so, if your child has grown or worn his/her uniform down to the threads, you may need to buy a new uni every year. Last year the cost was about $100. Uniforms are generally ordered in February so that they are delivered in time for the first regattas in late March or early April. Practice gear is also necessary, but there is no expectation that it will be matching or bought from an official crew supplier.