The Yorktown crew team has a long history of participating at regattas requiring an overnight stay, particularly at the Stotesbury regatta in Philadelphia and the SRAA championships, whose location rotates among a number of venues. The team also highly encourages athletes to participate in its spring break trip, which has been held in South Carolina for the past several years.

These trips are not a right of being on the team; they are a privilege. As such, they can be revoked. The following guidelines should be read carefully by athletes and parents alike, as the team’s continued ability to participate in out-of-town competitions depends on everyone’s willingness to comply fully with the rules.


Guidelines for Extended/Overnight Student Trips

All personnel on trips/excursions that have been authorized by Yorktown High School represent the school and are considered to be under its auspices for the duration of the trip. Students are expected to conduct themselves in an exemplary manner. All rules and regulations outlined in the Yorktown High School student handbook and APS handbook will be enforced by the activity/sport moderators, coaches, and chaperones. If a student causes a serious problem or disruption, parents or guardians will be called immediately to pick the student up from the group’s location. Students may not bring any contraband items (e.g., drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc.) on the trip. School administrators, moderators, coaches, and chaperones may search participant belongings and/or rooms at any time during the trip.

We follow the Yorktown High School athletic code of conduct.

The following is advice for student-athletes and their families regarding trips.

Planning and Packing

  1. Make sure that luggage, clothing, and anything else of value is clearly labeled.
  2. Coaches must be informed of required medication or any special medical problems in advance.
  3. Bring warm clothing and rain gear, just in case.
  4. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. There will be plenty of walking.
  5. Space is always at a premium. Limit yourself to one suitcase and one small carry-on bag.
  6. Get as much sleep as possible. You will not enjoy the trip if you are overly tired.

Motorcoach Rules

  1. Students are not permitted to bring any liquid beverages or home-made food on the buses. Water will be provided, and only food provided by the boosters or commercially packaged and unopened food will be permitted.
  2. Students will ride only on the bus to which they are assigned.
  3. When the bus chaperone is speaking, look forward and listen carefully to the instructions.
  4. Be seated upon returning to the bus. Chaperones must ensure everyone has returned before departure.
  5. Remain seated at all times when the bus is moving—no exceptions!
  6. Do not put your feet on the seats or sit on the arms of the chairs.
  7. Do not scream, yell, or throw things on or out of the bus.
  8. Glass bottles and containers are prohibited on all buses.
  9. Keep bus, floor, and seats clean at all times. Do not abuse your privileges. If the bus is not kept clean, you will lose privileges.
  10. MP3 players are allowed but must be played through headphones.
  11. Do not take flash pictures on the bus, especially at night. This could temporarily blind the driver.
  12. Rest stops will be provided. A few reading lights will be kept on at night for safety reasons.
  13. Remain seated on the bus until it comes to a complete stop and you are instructed to unload.
  14. Students must remain with the group at all times. You will be told if and when smaller groups may be formed to break off from the main group. Rendezvous times must be met.

Hotel Rules

Disturbances in the hotel could result in the entire group being removed by hotel management.

  1. Do not talk loudly in the halls, slam doors, pound on walls, etc.
  2. Do not leave your floor or go anywhere else in the hotel without asking a chaperone for permission. Do not go anywhere alone.
  3. Telephones are not to be used except during wake-up. The front desk monitors telephone usage and reports this to the trip coordinator.
  4. Do not take articles from the hotel rooms (towels, wash cloths, pillows, etc.). If anything is missing after checkout, it will be reported to the trip coordinator, and the entire room will be held responsible and will be required to pay for the missing items.
  5. Do not open the windows.
  6. Follow any special rules of the hotel where you are staying.
  7. Always double check to make sure that the room is locked when you leave. Make sure you have your keys.
  8. Students must stay in the rooms to which they have been assigned. Under no circumstance may any student change rooms without the specific permission of the lead school representative.
  9. Visiting between rooms will be strictly monitored. If visiting between rooms becomes a problem, this privilege will be revoked. Hotel security guards monitor the hall, and the chaperones will conduct a room check.
  10. Curfew is 11:00 p.m. or earlier, at the discretion of the coaches and depending on the next day’s race schedule. All students must be in their assigned rooms at curfew and remain there until the specified wake-up time. If the entire group is out after 11:00 p.m., curfew is 15 minutes after return to the hotel.
  11. Students are expected to treat all chaperones with the same degree of courtesy and respect as the coaches.

Remember, you will be representing Yorktown High School. You are expected to conduct yourself in an exemplary manner. All rules and regulations outlined in the Yorktown High School student handbook will be enforced.

The policy concerning major infractions is as follows: if, a student violates any crew, Yorktown High School, or Arlington Public School policy, at the sole discretion of the coaches, he/she will not be allowed to continue to participate in trip activities. The coach will call the responsible family member to immediately pick up the student-athlete, regardless of the trip’s location.

Crew trips are deemed to be a school sponsored/supervised activity. Therefore, Arlington Public Schools policies regarding substance abuse apply. Disciplinary action for such abuses noted above will be referred to the athletic director for action in accordance with the Yorktown High School student handbook and Arlington Public Schools policy. Information regarding such disciplinary actions is treated by Arlington Public Schools as highly confidential, but boosters will be informed of matters of which they need to know. Please refer to the Yorktown High School athletic code of conduct for the disciplinary action for violations of this policy. The code of conduct can be found here.