Off Season

The off season consists of some team conditioning plus the opportunity to participate in optional programs and camps.

Outside Opportunities

Rowers wanting to continue their training outside the Yorktown season have plenty of opportunities. Both summer and fall rowing opportunities are available through Thompson Boat Center and the Old Dominion Boat Club, which rows out of the Dee Campbell Rowing Center in Alexandria. More advanced rowers have additional options, including sculling programs offered through the Potomac Boat Club and a variety of junior national team opportunities that require pre-qualification. More details are included in our Off Season Training page. Talk to your coach about which program best suits your needs.

Summer Camps

In addition to season-long rowing opportunities there are a number of summer rowing camps that may be of interest to Yorktown team members. A relatively comprehensive list of camp websites can be found on the resources tab. As always, it is a good idea to talk with your coach about any camps you are considering.

Winter Training

Yorktown crew’s winter conditioning program begins in November and runs through late February when the team is able to get on the water. More details are included in the winter conditioning page in the Training and Competitions section.

Spring Break Trip

One of the key ingredients to the team’s recent success has been its annual spring break training trip. Since 2004, the team has trekked down to a rowing camp in South Carolina for a week of intensive on-water training and regardless of when the trip occurs—whether it is early in the season just after the boats get on the water or later, after a couple of the first regattas—the coaches all agree that this trip makes the season.