Welcome to the Yorktown High School crew team. This section of the web site is tailored specifically for you; there is a great deal of general crew information in the FAQs and Glossary, as well as more specific content about what is expected of athletes on the Yorktown team in The Basics, Code of Conduct and Off Season among others. Spend a little time exploring all the links and you will have a much better idea both of how the sport works and what it means to be a member of Yorktown crew. Come to think of it, you probably will want to point your parents to this tab too, since it will help them get a better sense of the team and the sport as well.

We tried to be comprehensive, but I am sure we missed something. So if you still have questions, contact one of the team captains, a coach or a board member. Send an email to ….. and we will get it to the right person; we are all happy to help.

See you on the water.

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