Team Awards

Brandon Peck - Better Sports Club of Arlington Men’s Crew Athlete of the Year
James Mohr - Washington Post All-Met
Lauren Richards - Washington Post All-Met

School Awards
Alek Blumberg (Most Valuable)
Ian Hardman (Coaches)
Thomas O’Shaughnessy (Most Improved)
Lauren Richards (Most Valuable)
Grace Mauer (Coaches)
Rachel Cohen (Most Improved)
Annalisa Scott (Sportsmanship and Excellence)

Banquet Awards
Nick Fancis (Most Valuable)
Lee Muszynski (Coaches)
Kevin Salmon (Most Improved)
Mason Pollock (Outstanding Oarsman)  
Jack Lacey (Coaches - Freshmen)
Stephen Stavrou (Coaches)
Taylor Bischott (Most Valuable)
Kalina Newman (Coaches)
Catherine Hall (Coaches)
Andri Maloney-Kitts (Most Improved)
Lauren Richards (Outstanding Rower)
School Awards:
Timothy Wamsted (Most Valuable)
Henry Burneson (Coaches)
Nick Goryachev (Most Improved)
Emily Auer (Most Valuable)
Annie Schiffer (Coaches)
Maddie Harple (Most Improved)
Cailyn Hudspeth (Sportsmanship)
Banquet Awards:
Brandon Peck (Most Valuable)
Alek Blumberg and Stefano Lewin (Coaches)
Lee Muszynksi (Most Improved)
Lauren Richards (Most Valuable)
Kalina Newman, Libby Sheehan and Phoebe Brueger (Coaches)
Cailyn Hudspeth (Outstanding)
Annalisa Scott (Most Improved)



School Awards:
Calvin Pollard (Most Valuable)
David O'Neill (Most Improved)
Timmy Wamsted (Coaches)
Sam Gallerano (Sportsmanship and Excellence)
Olivia Blust (Most Valuable)
Jane Townshend (Most Improved)
Andie George (Coaches)
Mari Thomas (Sportsmanship and Excellence)

Banquet Awards:
Jonathan Wabeke (Outstanding Rower)
Hawkins Clay, James Mohr and Sam Holmes (Coaches)
Nat Hill (Most Improved)
Colleen Sullivan (Most Valuable)
Cailyn Hudspeth (Outstanding Rower)
Millie Smith and Olivia August (Coaches)
Jane Roberts (Most Improved) 



School Awards:
Andrew Knizner (Most Valuable)
Jonathan Wabeke (Most Improved)
Thomas Dahlquist (Coaches)
Jamie Ranfone (Sportsmanship and Excellence)
Claire Stump (Most Valuable)
Millie Smith (Most Improved)
Katherine Kocher (Coaches)
Eleanor Love (Sportsmanship and Excellence)

Banquet Awards:
Andrew Knizner (Most Valuable)
JP Wright (Outstanding Rower)
Adrian Blust, Bryce Pennie, and Steve Randle (Coaches)
David O'Neill (Most Improved)



School Awards:
Fielding Williams (Most Valuable)
Jon Wabeke (Most Improved)
Jaime Ranfone (Coaches)
Tabby Andelin (Most Valuable)
Amelia Ward (Most Improved)
Claire Stump (Coaches)
Chloe Osborne (Sportsmanship and Excellence)
Annemarie Wamsted (Female Athlete of the Year)

Banquet Awards:
Fielding Williams (Most Valuable)
Erik Auer (Outstanding Rower)
Michael Mullins and Jeremy Nussbaum (Coaches)
Adrian Blust (Most Improved)
Shannon Johnston (Most Valuable)
Hannah Yoest (Outstanding Rower)
Katherine Kocher, Olivia August, Jane Roberts and Amanda Gaylord (Coaches)
Galit Little (Most Improved)

Better Sports Club of Arlington Male Rowing Athlete of the Year - Daniel Thom
Better Sports Club of Arlington Female Rowing Athlete of the Year - Shannon Johnston


School Awards:
Leon Suvak (Most Valuable)
Jaime Ranfone (Most Improved)
Steve Cauffman (Coaches)
Chris Brown (Sportsmanship and Excellence)
Noelle Crosby (Most Valuable)
Alex Gustafson (Most Improved)
Kenzie Andelin (Coaches)
Paige Monborne (Sportsmanship and Excellence)

Banquet Awards:
Andrew Knizner (Most Valuable)
Ben Vihstadt (Outstanding Rower)
Jason Haun and Daniel Thom (Coaches)
Cory Oppenheimer (Most Improved)
Tabby Andelin (Most Valuable)
Hannah Yoest (Outstanding Rower)
Cate Pearson, Mari Thomas and Amanda Gaylord (Coaches)
Chelsea Vandish (Most Improved)

Better Sports Club of Arlington Male Rowing Athlete of the Year - Peter Bacas
Better Sports Club of Arlington Female Rowing Athlete of the Year - Noelle Crosby


School Awards:
Danny Rozynski (Most Improved)
Chris Brown (Coaches)
Ian Suvak (MVP)
Eric Young (Sportsmanship and Excellence)
Amy Law (MVP)
Gina Ranfone (Most Improved)
Julia Kelmers (Coaches)

Banquet Awards:
Adrian Blust (Coaches Frosh)
James Herring (Coaches Varsity)
Will Lomax (Coaches Varsity)
Jack Wilson (Coaches Varsity)
Alex Freedman (Most Improved)
Nick Cox (MVP)
Elliott Oakley (Most Valuable Rower - Whole Team)
Natalie Thom (MVP)
Kristin Salmon (Coaches)
Tabby Andelin (Most Improved)
Michele Freedman (Most Improved)


School Awards:
Patrick O'Malley (MVP)
Will Lomax (Coaches)
Ellis Carpenter (Most Improved)

Banquet Awards:
Jack Vihstadt (MVP)
Jack Wilson (Coaches)
Ellis Carpenter (Most Improved)


David Keeler (Team Award)
Beth Simmonds (Varsity Women)
Vicky Koski-Karrell (Varisty Women)
Peter Bacas (Freshman Men)
Chris Brown (Freshman Men)
Lindsay Hunt (MVP - Freshman Women)
Noelle Crosby (Coaches Award - Freshman Women)
Caitlin Wiederkehr (Most Improved - Freshman Women)


Heather Young (Team Award)


Suzanne Elliott (Team Award)


Gregory Milas (Coaches Award)