Yorktown Opens 2009 Season with Mercer Medals

Congratulations to the entire Yorktown rowing community for a big showing at the Lake Mercer Sprints on Saturday, April 18. The parent support was incredible and the food in the tent was "the best ever’’—perfect for our between-race rowers.

Our team entered a whopping 16 different categories and even more total races, our biggest field at Mercer ever.

The team took home its fair share of medals, again likely the most ever for a Yorktown rowing team at a single event:

  • Gold medal performances in individual flights included open water wins in the men's 2nd 8 and men's novice 8.
  • Silver medal performances were logged by our men's 2nd 4, men's 3rd 4, and men's second novice 8.
  • The bronze medal list is even longer, with the women's 2nd 8, 3rd 8, first novice 8, and 2nd 4 all collecting hardware.

Our men’s and women’s first varsity eights both made the elite final six. Our women's varsity finished third in their heat and 5th in the final, the highest finish for any of the Virginia entries. Our men's varsity won their heat and rowed more than 1,900 meters in second place in the final, trailing only Holy Spirit, only to be nipped at the line in a photo finish by the "home team," Mercer Junior Rowing Club, and Norwalk River Rowing Club from Connecticut. YHS thus finished 4th, one half second out of the medals. Last year, as you may recall, it was YHS that nipped Norwalk for the bronze, coming through from 5th in yet another photo finish.

Well done to all our athletes and coaches.

And oh lest we forget, it was our first race of the season!

Go Yorktown!